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UW700 Distributed Control System

Depending upon the comprehensive technical ascendancies of Zhejiang University, absorbing decades’ academic and research state-of-the-art achievements of NERC ▪IA, State Key Laboratory of Industrial Control Technology and CSE, combining with our rich knowledge acquired in unremitting technology tackling and technical innovation as well as great experience in industrial application, after long-time and sustained application, improving, consummating and examining, we have successfully developed Excellent, Reliable, Advanced and Powerful Next-Generation Control System——UW700 (UWinPAS700) Distributed Control System, which is marked by its High Reliability, Open System, Powerful Functions and Easy Maintenance.

UW700 DCS System structure chart

Hardware Redundancy Design: Power Supply Module with high-availability (hot spare) redundancy design, supports dual electricity grid input; Control Net and System Net both applied dual high-available redundancy design; Controller Module dual redundancy with zero transition time, which ensures control consistency; System internal input voting algorithm, output voting algorithm, input/output self-diagnosis and error report mechanism for all digital and analog values, no user-programming necessity——redundancy design can simply be approached by configuring, and ensure efficiently and stably running.

  • Intrinsic safety IO modules:  Intrinsic safety type highway IO modules, save the security grid, save the installation space and the connection maintenance work;
  • Parts Intellectualized Design: I/O Modules, I/O Sub-Modules, Controller Module, Communication Modules all installed micro-controller-unites (MCUs) or multiple Processors, support Module self-diagnosis, fault-isolation, removal/insertion under power (RIUP) and on-process maintenance.
  • Intelligent conditioning, supports universal analog signal (voltage/current/TC/RTD) input, software selects signal types, full-scale high accuracy, self-correction and no further calibration or maintenance necessity.
  • Electro-Magnetic Compatibility(EMC) Design: All characteristics meet with related national standards as well as international standards: EN61000-4-2 (ESD) level 3, EN61000-4-3(RS) level 3, EN61000-4-4(EFT) level 3, EN61000-4-5(Surge) level 3, EN61000-4-6(CS) level 3 ---- Excellent Immunity against interference.
  • Low-power-consumption design, ventilation design based on natural circulation, thus no forced-cooling necessity and improves system adaptation to environment temperature.
  • Operation Safety Design: Multi-user authority zone security mechanism; data off-line-holding, redundancy status checking, fast-recovery, information security guaranteed.   
  • Strictly quality control & supervision on manufacturing process, parts high-temperature prefiring test for 72 hours, entire system comprehensively and continuously test for 120 hours; Obey ISO9001 International Standards thorough all working process, including system designing, developing, researching, manufacturing, service and so on.