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UW900 Safety Instrument System

UWinSIS900 safety instrument system has high reliability and high utilization rate, the failure of the control system components can be identified, automatically remove the components of the fault, and allows to do online repairing for fault element without interrupting the process while continue completing the appointed tasks.


  • The input voting algorithm, output voting algorithm, input/output self-check and fault reporting mechanism of all switching values and analog quantities in the system, only need to configure input subsystem ,control subsystem, output subsystem, focusing on applied logic exploitation;
  • Input module, control module, output module, can adopt single, doubling and triple redundant combinations, the configuration of redundant can be point-by-point, and the redundant scheme can be configured flexibly,  saving expense on the bias of the reliability and security.
  • Three control modules independently run the control strategy and diagnostic procedures with the triple (TMR) configuration, which provides users with high reliability and high availability through a vote choosing 2 from 3; the output module is sent to the output subsystem by redundant bus, and the output module can vote on the triple output data; the current/voltage measurement of output circuit under output state and load state, and make a comprehensive analysis;
  • The fault diagnosis program can diagnose and locate the data line, address line, communication line, internal storage, data block, and unit circuit, it also automatically compensates, isolates and reconstructs, allowing for online maintenance and replacement of parts without interruption of system operation; High-reliability  I/O modules, to-channel isolation, channel-to-channel inter-isolation, to-channel power supply, on-line diagnostics, on-line replacement, fault identification to point level, further reduces the mean time to repair;
  • Using the physically integrated and logically separated design patterns of SIS and DCS to achieve truly seamless integration, high security and availability can be achieved through simple structures; The user can fully grasp the information of DCS and SIS, so that users can make more effective judgments and decisions under the common human-computer interface, to operate the process and control the process in a normal range; the integrated solution can help operators minimize the risk of normal operations and emergency parking.