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UW2100 Industrial Networking Control System

Depending upon the comprehensive technical ascendancies of Zhejiang University, absorbing decades’ academic and research state-of-the-art achievements of NERC ▪IA, State Key Laboratory of Industrial Control Technology and CSE, combining with our rich knowledge acquired in unremitting technology tackling and technical innovation as well as great experience in industrial application, to support the "intelligent manufacturing" national new strategic industry, based on the research and development of national 863 "high-end large-scale programmable automatic controller and system", the UW2100 industrial IOT control system eDCS has been successfully developed.

Completely independent intellectual property rights of hardware design and software platform, one-piece control engineering integrated development environment, providing functions include hardware configuration, device drivers, data definition, control programming, graphic monitoring, record, report management, data analysis and security authorization. The function is abundant and the operation is stable.

The control engineering design development platform based on multi- field engineering object model, through the establishment of a typical control engineering model, control method, display interface library, the library building in the form of reuse model industry equipment, to run the program by reconstructing model construction engineering, to implement industry engineering program automatic generation and the reuse update, the programming efficiency increased by 80%.

To control the automation of the knowledge work of engineering, the engineering collaboration configuration supports large engineering multi-person synchronization configuration and coordination, engineering remote update support engineering program remote programming maintenance, engineering document management support completed drawing automatic import and export. Significantly reduce project maintenance workload.

Intelligent control technology, support analog (voltage/current/thermal resistance, thermocouple) general input, the software select signal type, full range high precision and self-diagnosis, no need for further calibration and maintenance; Support digital input/output, software configuration input/output mode, The analog quantity input can be used as digital quantity input, and the analog output can be used as digital output. Adapt input and output demand of field equipment flexibly.

Providing multiple engineering program with the industrial data security measures based on the edge of the calculation, control program and plan scheduling are synchronously stored in the local controller, ensure the normal work of the local control and management under the cloud anomalies. Help equipment manufacturers upgrade from traditional preventive maintenance to new generation of real-time predictive maintenance to realize the value extension of unit products to full life cycle service, improve operational efficiency and reduce maintenance costs.

Reconstruct process online based on industrial equipment and unified description language and interoperability interface, avoid repeat programming, repeat start, wiring, link, the implementation of the new plug and play, realizing fast replacement for damaged equipment maintenance, improve equipment reuse rate, reduce money and manpower.

High anti-interference ability and strong environment adaptability, industrial level 3 a high noise immunity, wide working temperature (20 ℃ ~ 70 ℃ - or - 40 ℃ ~ 85 ℃), IP66 high protection grade, closely integrate industrial equipment and process to form a complete set in industrial equipment field, a large number of signal cables, cabinets and control rooms are saved.

Control engineering wide range cloud services, build one-piece platform for intelligent monitoring and comprehensive management control system for the whole life cycle, focus on large-scale distributed equipment control, centralized monitoring resources utilization rate and other issues. Support resource batch operation, process optimization of expert cloud, and improve management efficiency. Unified management of computing, storage, network and other resources to facilitate the rapid deployment of users, providing high value and low cost cloud services for control system design, implementation, operation and maintenance.